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Pregnancy Project

The Pregnancy Project offers tools and classes on maternity leave laws, your pregnancy rights, workplace discrimination, health insurance, and more.

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Learn Your Rights

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What Leave am I Entitled To? Check out a sample of our seminar.

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We understand that it is difficult to find independent resources to understand your rights in the workplace when you are pregnant. Our firm has years of experience litigating and consulting on pregnancy rights and maternity leave.

Whether you are currently pregnant or plan to be in the coming years, we want to inform and empower you to enter conversations with employers and health insurers armed with information to assert your rights effectively and efficiently. These tools will help you negotiate more effectively with your employer and your health insurance company, relieving stress and enabling you to focus on your growing family.


Our classes, offered at a variety of locations around New York City and online, cover:

  • Taking maternity leave from your job

  • Asking for accommodations from your employer

  • Telling your employer that you are pregnant

  • Contesting a medical bill

  • How to obtain a free breast pump

  • How to enroll your child in health insurance

  • Wage and hour laws, if you are hiring help at home



Women cannot be fired for being pregnant, but they can be fired while being pregnant. If you feel that your job is at risk because of pregnancy or parenthood, you can come to our office for an evaluation of your options.

Speaking with a lawyer at Berke-Weiss Law PLLC may help you get the reasonable accommodations you need to keep your job or to realistically assess your options after being terminated. We often consult directly with clients for a limited number of hours, providing advice and counsel as they meet with their employer.



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